Nan Ping Yun specializes in drawing portraits and figures in classically realistic style. She enjoys drawing in both pastel and oil.

Living in New York City; a metropolis with millions of people from many different parts of the world, Nan Ping feels constantly inspired by the cultural diversity of this city. She loves to draw quick sketches of people; the reason which motivates her to sketch is also the reason which inspires her to paint. That reason is the moment when she encounters a particular person on the street or in the subway; the moment when a person whose extraordinary appearance or temperament instantly captures her attention, her mind is quickly infused with this impression and wants to keep this impression. For Nan Ping, each of these moments is fascinating which sparkles her to sketch and then permanently preserve this impression in the painting.

For Nan Ping Yun, the creation of every piece of her painting is an aesthetic pilgrimage during which she is fully dedicated in every step of this long process. “Gazing ” is one of her representative works of drawing portrait and figure in traditional soft pastel; not only Nan Ping demonstrates her artistic sensitivity by capturing the spirit of person in this pastel painting, but also manifests her skillful handling of pastel strokes and sophisticated use of pastel color.

Selected Awards and Exhibitions

"Sobbing Violin", Enduring Brilliance Exhibition, Pastel Society of America, National Art Club, NY 2016

"Gazing", Pastel Society of Tampa Bay Award,  Enduring Brilliance Exhibition,  Pastel Society of America, National Art Club, NY  2015

"Gazing ", Allied Artists of America Award, Renaissance in Pastel Exhibition,  Connecticut Pastel Society, Norwich, CT 2014
"Upbeat", Pastel Society of America Group Exhibition,  Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio,  December 2014 to Feburary 2015

"Upbeat", National Art Club Award,  Enduring Brilliance Exhibition, Pastel Society of America, National Art Club, NY 2014

"Upbeat", Jack Ahlin Award, For Pastel Only Exhibition, Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod, Cape Cod Culutral Center, MA 2014